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Default Do you have children?

If you don't have kids, and you are that distraught, but cannot figure out why, some time away might help you figure it out. A couple of weeks or months with no contact might make it real clear that whether you don't want to live without her or better off not together.

Sometimes people think they want something or don't want something, and they are so sure about it until they don't have it or until they get it.

Of course, it would be a much much better if you could figure it out without doing that. But if truly have honestly talked yourselves blue in the face and you there are no more words to say, what else can you do?

Just make sure you really cannot communicate any more than you already have, because it is human nature to fool ourselves into believing we did everything we could, but I find if I am being real, for me anyway, if I am not careful I'll take the easy way out. Which would be to claim I can't take any more, but unless I am really at my wits end, it is more like trying to pull strings to get my way.

What does your wife say when you talk to her about it?

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