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Default I think some of his writing he is trying to funny,

But I don't know about his articles on poly. I haven't read that much, but what I have, I decided was mostly bullshit. To be honest, what really led me to believe everything he writes is just a bunch of bullshit , were his essays on science. I couldn't figure out if he was being sarcastic and it was joke or if he's seriously that clueless, either way five pages that sounds authoritative isn't funny and it was obvious he doesn't have a grasp on evolution or physics. When I got to the end and he listed SciencDaily as a source that was pretty much it for me. He wasn't joking, he seriously is that clueless

but when you have a site like his you have to find something to write about regularly like a newspaper or something. So I am thinking the reason he seems to be talking out his ass so often is because he has to post something. Science is one of my pet peeves, reputable academic journals go to a lot of trouble make sure that not only real experiments that come to real, significant conclusions get published. All the money in the world can't buy publication. Sciencedaily is just a political tool that is published for the sole purpose of being used as a citation source for newspapers and politicians.

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