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Hi alternativevirgo,
Welcome to our forum.

I happen to be in a poly-fi V (MFM) and I am one of the "arms" of the V. It has worked out really well for me (and for my two companions I think), although we had some rough years in the beginning. I think relationships can be difficult in the beginning, and this may be especially true of poly relationships.

I think love is always a risk, and it is hard to think of advice that would protect you from getting burned in the future. The best you can do is take things slow. I personally recommending developing a platonic friendship first, then if it turns romantic, great, but it doesn't have to. Plus that way you can have the "poly talk" while things are still platonic, and it's not as "weird" for the new person.

Like hyperskeptic said, you're probably pretty well already doing the best things you can do to make poly work. I think part of the problem is it's such a "new" relationship model in our world, people don't know how to respond to it.

I hope reading and posting on this site is helping (and will continue to help).

Kevin T.
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