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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Passive aggressive comments like this piss me off! Dealing with passive aggressive personalities takes re-arranging your brain to get a straight answer and figure out where the real problem lies. My husband is extremely passive aggressive and it was a real eye opener once I started reading up on how to deal with this type of personality. I recognize the signs and am now able to call him on his bs and then adjust my reactions accordingly. I wish I had been clued into some of this stuff 20 years ago, would have saved a great deal of grief.

Here's a good article on jealousy
Thank you SNeacail...i will certainly have a read of the article. I have never thought about these comments being passive aggressive to be honest. It does kind of feel manipulative to certainly triggers an uncomfortable frustration in me. I have learned to just breath and try to return to my heart...and not talk again until i feel like i am coming from my heart.
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