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Thank you Dirtclustit. I appreciate your thoughtful reflections on my situation. I sincerely resonate with the insights you have presented.

Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post
treat each other with respect or else all advice attempted to be followed could doom you,
This is primarily the one that is making things difficult for me. I know that i am not being treated with respect by my wife...and i know that simple reflection is likely to activate my tendency to say and do things that are reactionary...instead of aligned with my heart mind. I can be aware of this though...and so am able to balance myself in the moment to maintain a level of respect that harbours conversation. It seems though that all conversation leads to a particular point...where my wife only offers her perspective (which i will gladly sit and listen to)...completely disrespects me again in the process by invalidating me...and round and round it goes. I am ok with this for a while...but eventually i need to eat food and get things done to survive. It has been this way for some the point where it sometimes seems that all we do in our marriage is talk about my wife's feelings. I haven't been on holiday for 7 years, i can't get any work done properly, i can't really maintain my own health...and something has got to give.
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