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Default Jealousy and mistrust

Hello ,
I am quite new to these forums but I've had a few questions and hope y'all can give some advice. My boyfriends is new to a poly relationship and so am I to be honest. I have been in several open relationships but I have never loved the other person. We have been together for about a year or so and originally he wanted to be monogamous.
We became open when my boyfriend got drunk at a party and made out with another woman while I was grieving and had a wake to attend the next day. To be fair I told him to go the party and have a good time. The trouble I run into is we were monogamous at the time. Now I have deep feelings of mistrust and jealousy. I adore the other woman and we have gotten quite close but I still feel the green eyed monster pop up.
We have talked about it extensively and I'm ok when we talk but then I have the jealousy pop up later. I guess I'm looking for advice on how to deal with this. I despise these feelings that I am having, I feel like a crazy person sometimes. Has anyone ever dealt with something similar? Do these feelings go away?

Thanks in advance,
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