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Default He flips out when we try to be alone together

My husband has been unhappy and has had some bursts of anger towards my bf. I only get to see my boyfriend on weekends and usually only for a 24 hour period. I have only gotten two times to be completely alone with him, otherwise my husband is always present. I desperately want and need alone time with my boyfriend.

At first, we were not allowed to talk on the phone with each other. I am now allowed to but grudgingly. My bf and I are both gamers and we talk through the ps3 with Bluetooth and a cam. This way, I get to hear him and see him and I love it. But my husband got totally pissed off by this and stormed out of the house, called my bf while I was cam chatting with him so I saw and heard the whole ordeal from my bf's perspective. He said nothing to my husband but "Hey, buddy." but put the phone up to the mic so I could hear and my husband sure gave him an ear full.

I don't know how to make this better. My husband has expressed that he is not wanting me to leave my bf and even encouraged us to stay together when I was pissed off and decided it would be better if I just abandoned the whole thing. My husband realized that I would be terribly unhappy and, as he works with my bf, it would really not solve anything at all.

My husband has since apologized to me and my bf for flipping out on my bf (this has happened a few times at this point) but I'm not allowed to have any alone time with my bf. Last night, I spent all evening with my family and my husband. My husband went to sleep and i stayed up late like I always do. I woke up my bf so I could cam chat with him because I missed him terribly. While cam chatting with him for the second time ever, my husband wakes up and has to sit there and watch us like he's chaperoning. Ugh!

I wish I could find him a gf so he wouldn't be acting like this. . . How do I get him to stop and realize that I do still love him? That he gets me all week long and I only want to see and talk to my bf? That we do need some alone time together. . .
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