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Nice to meet you Jim,

It's terribly difficult to watch our lovers be loved poorly.
I know this first hand as I am watching T go through it with E. He loves her and I respect that I encourage that. We are both such givers to takers. Ah but the heart wants what the heart wants. T and I have both been neglected so we have soo much to give each other. It is difficult to watch him being loved so poorly.
Husband thinks because I suggest he form a relationship with someone who is more in tune with his needs that I am pushing him away. That is not true I want him to discover a love out there that loves you for who you are and what you bring to the table.

Additionally, i would consider T's feelings if P agrees to proceed but starts treating you in a neglectful way and falls back into old habits (or worse, new bad habits.)
You're right and this is what I talk to him about. I feel like I have an actual intimate connection that I havent had in a long time. That doesnt always mean sex. Intimacy is very important to me as I was nonexistant before. I don't think husband understands that.
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