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Thanks & nice to meet you Marvin,

I didn't mention all the dynamics he too has moved on physically not emotionally. I have heard it referred to like this, relationships can be like jobs for some people one job supplies all their needs and it works, for others they need multiple jobs to sustain. I understand this and beleive the husband should get someone who matches the amount of emotional/sexual desire he is able to give. So to sum it up yes I would be fine if he decided he wanted someone more in tune with his needs/desires.

It is a lot of work and T works very hard to make each one happy. I am very supportive of his other relationship, if he has an issue we discuss them in a positive light. He listens when I talk about my husband and there is no negative energy. Maybe NRE? We are definitely not the norm. I think we identify because we have some of the same issues with our primaries. Is that crazy???
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