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I'm no expert, I don't even play one on TV ...... but I did have a couple of thoughts

I don't think you have to fear becoming free from care. It's easy not to burn grey matter about things you don't care about ....... No question that it's difficult to not get carried away when you (not you specifically -- the collective you ) care deeply about something ---- but the balance will never be you free from care. This is a long blog, and you are an articulate writer who has shared a wonderful story with us and helpful advise and comments for many. I'd be surprised if any work you did produced a mind space where you were healthy with yourself .... and the bonus was freedom from care. That's not spicy at all -- blandpepper just wouldn't fit.

Might you find yourself in a position where you may have to take the advice of Dr.Suss " Don't cry because it's over -- Smile because it happened" Unfortunately maybe yes ...... but there is a lot of good stuff in here to be happy about because it happened.

As far as what sort of a gift would it be for those who Lovingly stood by you while you did your work ... only to have you leave? These people didn't support you just to make sure you would never leave .... they stood by you with the hope that you would be happy. They're all smart and loving people .... how would they feel if you were only there out of obligation ?

Thanks sincerely for sharing.
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