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New recent just now plan of action for me.

I have a musical project i've been working on since about November, and haven't gotten all too far into it yet. I've done a whole ton of planning work, and writing notes here, there, everywhere. Even managed to do a few rough sketches for some artwork.
But I haven't been able to get many ideas in the music down yet.

So my plan, for an entire month, every day, is to do -something- that pushes forward the music. I'm hoping I can manage to go on longer, but I feel a month is a good goal to try for.

I don't expect to throw each day's bit of the project up here as it happens, but perhaps after the month of work is done, I'll have a little something to share. I'll be taking pictures of what I do, as I go. So at the end of the month, I can look back, and see how it all developed.

I also don't expact to have a finished piece by the end of it, but I'd love to at least get the majority of something down. A rough draft, or something. Because I have many other musicians working in the recording stages for me [out of my terrible skills with/not owning a few instruments], it would be very difficult to get everyone organised by the end of a month into something fully complete.

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