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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Well, talk about a snotty holier than thou retort! Perhaps you've been here too long and have no been indoctrinated.
I thought the reply from SoL was balanced and fair, and didn't point fingers of blame. It certainly wasn't 'snotty' or 'holier than thou'.

The reaction you're showing is ironic - you expect to be able to post up when you think people are wrong, and do it in the most direct, least compassionate way possible...and then expect them to thank you for it.

But if people try to correct you on something...they get a pissy response. Proves my point - nobody, whether newbies or experienced enjoys that sort of tone.

It all depends what your goal is. If it's truly to help people on here, then working towards finding the best way of expressing your point so that people actually pay attention is beneficial - otherwise you are wasting your efforts in typing a response at all. If it's to feel smart and superior...well carry on.

Although that said, my initial response wasn't really aimed in your direction anyway...I can't recall reading anything I thought was too offensive from you in the past.

Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
TL;DR If you don't want unvarnished truth from people, then ask your mother, not strangers on the net.
Again, it's not what you say, but how you say it.

Yes, we are all adults here and nobody needs to be wrapped in cotton wool and protected from the truth...but all too often 'unvarnished truth' is another way of just being plain rude and offensive.

Then when people complain, the protagonists all scream 'you can't handle the truth! We here are all truth tellers and if you don't like it...leave!!'

Many times, the newbie will leave...but that doesn't actually contribute to making the forum a better place to be. It just means that the same old ideas get recirculated, and no fresh air is allowed into the musty room.
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