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Default Ninth Thought..

there is a continual and conscious process of nurturing the relationship
Another one that seems obvious.

If we don't nurture a child-they die.
If we don't nurture our plants-they die.
If we don't nurture our ideas-they die.
If we don't nurture our bodies-they die.
If we don't nurture our minds-they die...
If we don't nurture our relationships-they die (and in the end, so will we).

More specifically-if it's not a CONSCIOUS choice we make-something else will ALWAYS "come up".
In a world that runs at top speed every day-we MUST consciously choose WHAT we will participate in, WHAT we will do during our participation and WHO we will "bring along" with us.
Anything we do without conscious thought-we do half-assed, like building a house with no foundation, a good storm comes-the house falls. So with the relationship and anything else we do half assed.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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