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Things with Loki seem to be settling down. I found the part of the state insurance policy that says that a stepparent is not financially responsible for the stepchild, and Q will re-apply with that attached to the paperwork. We've also started a behavior chart where his reward is screen time. We've always done screen time as a given, and taken it away when he had a bad day at school. Now, we're doing it as a reward, and with a time limit, which we've never done before. I'm cautiously optimistic.

As far as poly, things are good. I had a smoothie with a guy from OKC last week and made some chainmail earrings. We had a good time. No sparks flew though. Q is doing great with making sure I don't feel left out; we spent Saturday evening at Miss M's place and had a good time. My favorite moment was when we were playing Cards Against Humanity (it's adult Apples to Apples if you're not familiar) and Miss M was the judge. Q played his card, but she didn't choose it. So he looked at her and said, "I wasted 'my sex life' on you?!?!" We're not out to our friends except Miss M's roomie, so only the four of us laughed, but it was pretty funny.
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