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Default A short bio of our setup

Well I guess it might be a good idea to tell how I became a part of a poly family.

I am Kay, lesbian divorced woman with children who live with my ex-wife (we have joint custody)

I was not really looking for a relationship, my luck with women had been very bad and I was so fed up with lesbian women that I actually found myself on few dates with men.... Well that actually did lead into nothing.

So I stumbled in a finnish kinky chat on this woman, bi woman already in a relationship with a man. I had struck gold, no fear of a relationship there just maybe some fun. Man I was so wrong, my first date with A was cut short (after lasting only 6 hours) because last bus to her home was leaving. We hugged (yeah she did not kiss me that evening, thing she has heared more then few times since) and she hurried to her bus.... Today we both think that evening was the start of our relationship.

Well it has taken a bit of adjusting for me to get here and well I am happy to be in my life with her. Today we live together, the three of us, and after over a half a year of trying to sleep in a queen size bed we have now (over half a year already) joined a single bed to that so sleeping is actually possible.

[using a tablet to post here is annoying]

well anyhow I will continue this later, now I need to get back to work
the truth is out there..... I only know my side of the story as I see it, it is not the full story or the final truth of things

Kay: tall, lesbian, poly
A: my wife, bi, poly
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