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I am back at work after having lunch with my hubby. We had lunch at the Hawksmoor Seven Dials. It was surprisingly delicious. We also made a stop by POP. Bloody Mary flavoured popcorn? Interesting.

We had the chance to talk over lunch. It is the first time that he has opened up to me since all of this fell apart. We talked for close to an hour and a half. It felt good to just talk and to see him relaxing and laughing a little. I was surprised when he reached for my hand because he wanted to hold it. I was even more surprised when he hugged and kissed me after lunch. I am not big on hugging, but in that moment it felt great being in his arms. Years later and his kisses still take my breath away.

I like that we are reconnecting and rebuilding. I never know what each day will hold. I missed days like this where we would grab lunch and go for a walk through Hyde Park. We used to do those things, and then, they just kind of came to a screeching halt. I missed "us," and that inexplicable connection that we had. It is nice to see glimmers of it returning.

Si and I have been talking via text. We have a lunch date on Friday. Matt and Si will be watching my little duckie during her ballet class today. I have a meeting, and I cannot make it. I hope they keep the peace and keep their distance. The little duckie wanted to see Si, so Matt extended an invitation. She took him up on the offer. It is just 45 minutes, so if necessary, they can sit on opposite ends and not say anything to each other. I trust that they will behave. *Fingers crossed*

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