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Understand that typically when the person first comes here and asks about their 'Unicorn', for the most part people are careful and kind. They give some advice, warn against all those broken bicycles at the bottom of the hill, and offer suggestions to read up on it.

Of course, the reaction back is either ranging from, "Oh, well I guess we could do that but we just want to know why we can't find her!" to "How rude! We dont' care about those broken bicycles! WE are special and even if we say the same things everyone else does we know it will work for us!"

Then we try and get a little more firm. In the end we are TRYING to point out the broken bicycles at the bottom of the hill and explain that just jumping on their own cycles and taking off will most likely end up with them joining the broken heaps. Where we all start getting a bit more blunt is when we are constantly being told how RUDE we are to warn of the broken cycles and how they are completely different from all the others but do not want to say how or why or do any of the research or work to figure out how not to crash their cycle.

So yeah, after standing around waving arms and doing everything from gentle warnings, giving out roadmaps, and suggesting other trails, we start screaming, "WTF? Did you not hear us about the crash ahead??"
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