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Smile well to do cpl ,looking for a fem like u.

Originally Posted by KaylinHawke View Post
hi everyone, I'm from the good ole south, and if you know anything about it there isn't much chance for looking for different kind of relationships besides the old m/f marriage. I'm interested in meeting guys who are looking for a m/m/f relationship. If your bi- or straight and don't mind to share doesn't bother me, whatever tickles your fancy. Ive always know I was different, in my wants and my needs. I'm fairly new to all of this. So I figured this was a good place to start. I do admit I'm kind of a homebody/geek lol. I love my video games but also cooking and keeping house, looking after people makes me happy. I'm a curvy lady with a tongue ring And 2 tattoos so far. I like alot of diff things. I'm really open. So feel free to contact me with whatever. I'm looking forward to meeting some people. Thanks y'all.
we are a cpl with a few 3 sum exp and we look forward to a mff wife likes to have a 3sum or even a f to f bi situation. we stay in apartment as well we have a farm where we spend time in the week end.we have car and we dont have kids and we open to discuss it.we are healthy and fit.we also like to enjoy swing some times to enhance our sexual pleasure.we dont expect any financial contribution towards the family.we are self sufficient.we expect u to be a part of us in a long term relationship as a V with me male as hinge or as a triad.we also are homely ppl with each of us exploring our hobbies and outings separately.we travel on vacation to all parts of the world and wud want u to be a part of all our activities as wud make u comfortable or u can also have ur own separate activities
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