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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I feel a bit conflicted about it cause well is a bit weird, right? Greg is a newer relationship, and I've never gone anywhere with Brian in the two years we've been seeing each other... It was all encouraged by Adam (even his suggestion I ask Brian for the third night instead of staying by myself...I wouldn't have thought of having three lovers in three nights at a romantic couples retreat) and they all seem fine as far as I can tell with me spending the weekend like that. It's not for awhile yet so I guess I have plenty of time to freak out about it, or have something go wrong, but I didn't know where else to share this...
it's not weird! actually this is one of my dream fantasies.. that I rent a nice cabin somewhere and all my loves come to visit me on consecutive nights, and then I'll spend another 2 nights all by myself, happily reminiscing
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