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Default Sixth Thought...

the individuals take 100% responsibility for their own life and for the quality of the relationship(s). They take the perspective that it is not their partners' job to make them happy. Blame and complaining are minimal
If we each take full responsibility for our own life and our own happiness and thus the quality of our relationships, we find that even if someone else isn't-we can still FIND our "right" answers and inner creative side. We can make our decisions from a place of "creative adaptation".
If one person fails this-the relationship WILL fail-at some point.
Because they will fail to thrive or grow and the others will leave them behind
because the others will have to drag them like a millstone around their neck while swimming to shore from a shipwreck-and ultimately, they will all drown for this is IMPOSSIBLE.

When each person DOES do this-the relationship can thrive as explained in the first quote and give MORE to each person in it AND to the world as a whole.

Also there is no need to blame or complain anymore-for each person is CONSCIOUS of their own personal inate ability to correct and fix whatever goes wrong by correcting the errors in their own decision making.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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