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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Than why bother? At the end of the day, it is your opinion, I (and a few other people) obviously have a different definition of cheating.

Egoscout did post here explicitly asking for help, whether or not the help he is seeking is genuine or not isn't something that people commenting will not (necessarily) be able to figure out. Some people ask because they seriously are looking for help but there are also those who attempt to use the forum as if it were a court that they can manipulate in their favor, as if that justifies or makes the decisions made in real life right as opposed to wrong.

And then their are some forums that are used by authors as a goldmine for creative and innovative source of insight. Not that it happens here, but other places on the web it seems perfectly clear that stories are completely fabricated and when some nobody writes in because they truly care and are trying to help, but if you read the fineprint of what you are agreeing to by clicking "post" you just contributed to some author's bank account.

But anyway, the bottom line is that even those who are genuinely looking for help (and most will take the OP at their word) they are doing themselves a great disservice if they do not try talking to the person in real life where the conflict exists.

Because your right, it is just an opinion and we only know as much as they divulge and to the extent that they are honest about what they divulge.

Even us readers/commentors with the best intentions misread the words that we take people at their word for. There is already a dispute brewing between people who are not involved as far as we know, and even those who chastise others for getting it wrong and added content and making assumptions didn't even get it right (sorry Boring Guy but he didn't say he was doing the math and kept getting the same answer, he got 5, 8 , and 43)

for the most part, people are trying to help or get help, justify their actions to prove they are right and the other is wrong, and in other forums swindle fresh intellectual ideas, at least until they get caught

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