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Default The toughest moderating job there is

has got to be moderating poly forums. I don't think there is a subject that people discuss that even comes near this level of being complicated, not even politics or religion. The world doesn't force political parties to go underground, society doesn't actively and unjustly persecute any other group like it does to those of non-traditional relationships.

It's not easy to tell who is sincerely trying to help from those whom are insincere and attempting to sabotage or maybe some crazy jealous ex. I often used to think I was treated shitty by the poly community, but it was because I never realized how hard it can be sorting things out.

I put AT in a shitty position where she or he had to moderate one of my posts, and I am sorry for putting AT in that position, I think anyone who mods a forum deserves to be recognized for the service the provided. I appreciate the work done by all of you.

thank you