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Way to go guys. Show how super smart and superior you all are by making fun of another new person who comes in asking for help.

Offer your advice in the most patronising, demeaning 'I'm smart and you're stupid' way possible...then when the person objects to being spoken to like that, say 'hey, you don't want to see it like it is! Us experienced experts are trying to help you and you don't want to know! Wake up and become smart like me!'

What you should do from now on is prevent all new members from joining, then none of you will have to face dealing with these stupid newbies who are less worthy than you are.

Granted, some people in the thread have tried to help in a respectful way...and others haven't. It's like some people see a thread like this and their eyes light up 'GREAT..a chance to jump all over another moron'.
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