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Long term deception, cowardice, manipulation, lies, total abuse of your trust, disregard for the love you've shown him.

Any asshole can force someone into a cage and treat them poorly. That is hardly Mastery and it is definitely not poly.

I am ordinarily an advocate of working things through, but this is bullshit. If you were my rl friend, my daughter, my sister, my neighbor, i'd strongly urge you to get the hell out of this toxic situation. This is deliberate and definite lying and utterly makes me sick.

This is sociopathic and self-serving abuse of power. I'm sorry you are in this situation.

K is way out of line and nobody deserves this kind of treatment. I'm at a total loss for anything positive to say.

50% of the income is provided by you and there are no kids at home? If that is the case, cut your losses. Buy a plane ticket and change scenery.

Big hugs.

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