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It has been a long long time since I have had the need to step outside myself and be a C word but boy it is starting to show. I am so angry at both of them right now I cant see straight. My husband ask me today "so tell me" i said "tell you what"
He wants me to blow
and my response was " it has taken me years to be who I am, I do not degrate people nor do I stoop low enough to make people feel above me. I will not allow you or her to change me, I am who I am. Deal with it"
Part of me wants to lash out but honestly I would be giving them what they want. When I smile and nodd, neither of them know what I am thinking nor what I am capable of.
Let them both go get F**ked!! I will smile and let them wonder.
Believe me when I say, I bring in half the income. this bitch doesnt even work
Im sure that thought has crossed his mind.
Why couldnt he just let me find a nice person instead of trying to force me into something??? Thanks for being there, I know i sound like a mad woman right now!!
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