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Once again ladies let me say how sorry I am. I am NOT a drinker and I have had four drinks so my language and attitude right now sucks.
Not only does he want me to accept her, this B**ch says she will be the queen of the castle. I may be a sub to my husband but in the outside world I do dominate!! I work in a mans world and in that world i make men look like little bitty ants.
I have not ever felt this side of myself in my personal relationship but I am feeling it now.
Part of me wants to tell them both to go suck an egg.
this is the worst part, I am an open person, non judgemental, I think.. for the most part but there is a time and place for everything. This woman is like 6 foot something and looks like something the cat drug in or my dog needs to eat. she is "hard"
Is that what he wants?? Why does he want me to teach her anything, am i not good enough what is wrong with me. I can see finding a soft hearted loving girl. I would love and adore her but to put this thing in front of me .. seriously what am i suppose to do??
Sorry for the rant but I am so hurting right now!!
Im not a stupid woman but obviously Im just a blinded woman... advice please
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