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Default I am sure I well catch hell for this, but...

Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
That sounds like a great plan. I love classical guitar.

Your beautiful Spanish women sound like a great place to start. Can I ask how long you've been pondering an ethically open relationship model for yourself? You may have already posted this elsewhere, I'm sorry if I'm asking you to repeat yourself.

Have you read any of the articles up at Franklin Veaux's Sprawling Web Empire?
Here's a link, in case you'd find it of interest. The man is smarter and more articulate than most, and I found his writing syle to be so easy to read. Let me know what you think, after you have a chance to check it out?

When I was young, there were these international dolls, they gave them out at gas stations when you got a fill-up. One of them was a Spanish woman, in beautiful full red and black skirts....if I still had her, I'd send her to you. Except now you'd need at least three....
I read through a few of Frank's sites, anything good that a reader can come away with is a good thing. Personally I found his passive aggressive style not worth my time. The poly advice seemed like poorly re-written strategies taken from other sites and books that the reader would do better going straight to the source for info. Maybe I am being a little harsh, because he evidently believed he was being humorous, but I for one don't appreciate spending time reading an author who makes himself feel superior if he can get you to believe his word then effective call you stupid. Granted, the passive aggressive joke's on you style was not in the poly content, but because of that style I felt it was a waste of time personally. The clearest example of this was his multiple pages of bullshit instead of just saying that people who drive "American" cars are more patriotic then people who display "support our troops" which I don't agree with considering that many of Ford's vehicles are actually Mazdas with a Ford emblem.

He's a talented writer, but I was turned off by what I took for a holier than thou attitude. I can't stand authors who pretend being an intellectual is all about making fun of others in obscure ways, but I am sure I am just being assuming and judgmental, as I am likely the only one who feels this way.
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