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Default Going up another rung, or going on together...

I told you that the path I saw was one that I couldn't go on right now-because the path itself requires that I take the rest of you along with me, or I don't get to go up the path. I can sit at the base of it, but if I tried to traverse it alone-it would "disappear" so to speak.
It's true. I DO see that. And more importantly-I know I'm right. I've seen who HAS made it down/up the path and I've seen who is stuck running in circles at the base THINKING that if they push a few more people down out of their way-they'll "finally get where they always wanted to be."
I BELIEVE that if we are to get to that place our innerselves seek-the one we can't describe or define, but keep LONGING for,
we have to work TOGETHER, not against one another.

We can't kick someone down, step on them in order for us to rise. We have to help them along and in doing so-somehow we look around and find that we've moved a bit closer to that place we are trying to reach.

Too much of society is focused on individually "getting to the top" or "being the best" or "finishing first"...

Sitting back to look at it-they are stuck spinning their wheels, frustrated because they keep meeting their superficial goals only to find that the feeling of emptiness remains with them.

It doesn't matter HOW often they are told-they don't listen.

If they want to fill that emptiness, they have to share "the top", "the best" and/or "number one" with the rest. It's all or nothing. There is no ONE person who will make it and the rest will fail. Either we all make it-or we all fail.

When I consider the world, my place in it, how I am going to function in it, I don't see it as "me against them". I see it as how do I help in the job of getting "us" there with all the knowledge we need/want/seek. I don't see other people, other relationships, other ideas, other ways of doing things as a threat, in anyway, to me. I find it very difficult at best-and completely impossible at worst to understand this need to step on someone else, move them down the proverbial ladder of status, in order to make oneself feel better.
It's impossible for me to accept, even in moments where I can intellectually comprehend the idea, because it's flawed. Every time we move someone down the ladder-we are destroying ourself as well. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
The ONLY way to move ourself UP is to do so while promoting the WHOLE of humanity. It's THE ONLY WAY.
This concept..... is one of the primary reasons there is dissonance in my "romantic" life.

see this whole ratrace as a competition. As I don't, romantic partners who AREN'T Anam Cara, find themselves lost when they attempt to compete with my loves. The competition causes them to spin in circles while going nowhere. They FEEL the distance that forms between our hearts, but they can't believe or accept that it's completely at their leisure to change that.
They can dispel the distance by simply stopping their spin of competition. When the dizziness wears off they will find that my loves and I are standing there beside them, guarding them and loving them with all we have and all we are. Waiting for them so that we can rise together.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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