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Originally Posted by pascaleledumbo View Post
Woke up in the morning and that's the first news that greeted me..It is a sad thing isn't it..Makes me questioned the existence of humanity..

I would also like to say THANK YOU FoL, for sharing your life with us..I don't know how to put it properly, but it has been an enlightenment as well for me (am sure others too)..You have helped, through your sharing, to see things from different light with my own messed up situation..

I usually lurk in this forum..But I'm initiating my first post ever in this forum to say thank you to you..

Hope things are going better and better on your end..Best of luck with everything..Don't stop writing..
Aww. No need to thank me for my very random thoughts. I appreciate this. It made me smile. As long as I am weathering this storm, I will continue writing. Every day is a challenge, so the words will probably be coming for months or even years. I do hope you find clarity in your situation, and you should start a blog. It is very therapeutic to put all of those ideas into something visual. I am charting my growth. It is kind of stunted right now, but when I look back, I should be able to see it. I hope all is well your way.

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