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Default Vent....

So here is my last couple days in a nut shell... if it will all fit!!
I will start from the beginning.. About 2 years ago my dear sweet loving devoted husband K started discussing with me his interest in possibly bringing another woman into our relationship. I said sure not problem but being that we both work all the time, I never really worried about it or took it seriously.
Here I am two years later looking for someone else online for our relationship.

Excuse me right this second, I have been drinking

Anyway to make a long story really short. He already has someone.. Im sure that comes as a big surprise to all of you(sarcasm)!!
So I guess I should look no further, I was trying to be the "good wife" now I have this person that has been having fun with my husband now he wants her to be part of our relationship.
Not only that he wants me to teach this person how to treat him and how he likes things and how a woman should act.. excuse me for being blind sided here.
I guess we have a third and I guess I have just had her shoved down my throat. Not feeling the love right now everyone.. thoughts suggestions please!!!??
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