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Default Unbalanced?

So a few weeks ago, my bf (F) brought his other girlfriend (H) over to our house. I knew that H was attracted to me, and being a heterosexual male, F was really excited to see us both together. We had fun, nothing serious like sex, then went out to dinner together. It was nice.

About a two weeks ago we all got together again and had more fun.

So far I like this triad, but I have a few concerns.
-I am not so much bisexual as heteroflexible; i.e. I am willing to be with a woman, and I really like H, but I don't really feel sexual attraction.
-I do feel romantically attracted to H, but I worry I might be leading her on or something.
-F is uncomfortable with me being with another guy - we talked it out, and I chose to stay monogamous to him in that sense. But lately I've been feeling like I would like another man, not in a needy way, but like an itch in the back of my mind. This feeling comes and goes every once in a while.

I really just wanted to write down how weird it feels to be in this situation. I don't want to make H feel unwanted or F hurt, but I kind of feel left out - because F is fine with H dating other guys. I know that the only way for that feeling to go away is to tell both H and F what I want and how I feel, and I hope I get the opportunity soon (I don't get to see H very often).

On a side note, I told F offhand that I thought one of our male friends was cute. F said, "I think he's cute too."
This response is classic F - completely open-ended.
I have been wondering since - did he misinterpret my meaning and answer it in a platonic way, or does he have attraction to this friend as well?

And if so, could I pursue without F getting hurt?

Eh. Feeling lost...
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