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"Can you die from fear?"
I don't know, but it makes me scared to think of it. Okay, my bad, you can bonk me on the head for that one.

I think hyperskeptic wrote a great post, run with that. (I know, don't *say* the word run! Bonk me on the head again.)

I think education often takes the scariness out of things. It's not such a big, shapeless unknown. Reading lots of threads (and posting your questions) on this site will help. Also I recommend the following book:

"Opening Up" by Tristan Taormino

Don't let your husband rush you on this decision. Tell him you need time to study this idea. Actually, you might want to read that book together with him. Then discuss your various feelings on the parts that you read.

I think you can make choices that can influence your emotional environment, but I don't think you can directly choose your emotions. Don't feel like you failed or something if you feel scared. Lots of people get scared, including polyamorists.

I'm rooting for things to go well. Oh, and welcome to our forum!

Kevin T.
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