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Thank you for the input.

I am kind of practical in this, I listed the pros and cons of this (looking things from solely my own perspective) and in the end there are more weight in the pros side... They both do know of my fears and insecurities, but I did say it clearly to the both of them that I want them to proceed and explore what is ahead them.

One of things in me is that I do want to deal with emotions like these and be done with them, all they do is hold me back. I really do not like emotions that hold me back that much. To me this is turning into an opportunity to grow as a person (and yes I do hope it will not backfire) .....

oh and those pros (few of them anyhow)
-I get more time to myself, writing etc. activities
- My partner is with (reasonably) sane woman {there is no such thing as a sane lesbian}
-My partner is not with some psychotich ex of mine (I have been around, and only half joking about those ex's)
-Her new partner is a person I like a lot
the truth is out there..... I only know my side of the story as I see it, it is not the full story or the final truth of things

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