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And the saga continues.....

Well my emotions have been in a rollercoaster ride, I had a long talk with my partner and then with my friend. Basically telling them both that I am ok with their relationship what ever it may be in future. Told both of them that I do have insecurities and fears but that they are my problem (and not that huge problem in anyway at this point) and that I do not want to meddle much in their relationship, just that I let them know it is ok by me and after that it is their own thing.

Mymown emotions have been swinging quite wildly, but I would like to think I am adult enoug to think things through and let reason shine through my worst fears. And like I said to the both of them, my partner was in a poly-relationship when we met and I did have open eyes when I became part of her life.... So if I cannot handle things in the end it is my problem not theirs.
the truth is out there..... I only know my side of the story as I see it, it is not the full story or the final truth of things

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