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In 2009 it so happened that an opportunity presented itself that Nina and I could move across the state to offer our son a better education and I a better job. As Nina and Zepplin had not been apart in well over a decade, and Zepplin and my relationship mending but still somewhat unsteady, this was an extremely difficult decision but one that we were faced with and had to be made. We all decided that it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. Queue the second largest bonehead, insensitive course of action that I chose to take- having not ever really established a "home" of my own since I have been on my own (the household in which I lived with my children and their mother did not fit such a bill- I did, and still very very much do love my kids and see them every couple of weeks and talk to them almost daily) I did not realize the emotional toll that such a separation could take on Nina and Zepplin and as such was blissfully unaware and insensitive to this fact. As far as I was concerned- we were moving- lets pack and get this deal done.
By now anyone that has toiled through this diatribe of mine must consider me quite the insensitive, immature, selfish asshole that does not, in any way, deserve the love and respect that each of these ladies have given (and continue to do so) to me. You are absolutely correct because at this point in my life I was this person- why they stuck with it- hell I probably would not have truthfully- but they did and so did I. This is not me today... This past serves as a reminder every day to me that this relationship that we have is about love and trust and understanding; something that they possessed at this time I did not.
We have lived apart for almost five years, seeing each other as often as possible and sharing each little tidbit of time that we can get our hands on. A lot of tears, admissions, and healing have brought us closer than I could have ever imagined. I am ever so grateful to these ladies; my friends, companions, and lovers.
We will be together again, under the same roof as we were, but now different people, in a few months. I cannot wait to share with them the next chapter our life with this new dynamic.
"Wovon man nicht sprechen, darüber muss man schweigen." -Ludwig Wittgenstein

Our symphony:
Me- Linkin Park- the husband. I am the youngest, fast paced and admittedly full of issues.

Nina Simone- our wife- slow, gritty, and sexy like a smoky piano bar and a glass of brandy.

Led Zepplin- our wife - a rocker little tomboy that loves with everything. All she's got or nothing at all.
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