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Default Love Never Ends....

"There is one thing I won't do for you-I will NOT choose you OVER my friends and family. No if's, No and's, No butt's. "

This has been something I've told everyone I've dated. I've often clarified it for new people I am dating by adding in specified names.

By the time Maca and I started dating, GG was included in that list.

I don't think AT THE TIME it meant anything to Maca, but later it sure as well did. It became a point of contention. Maca for a variety of reasons at different times has taken issue with one or another of the dearest and most beloved people in my life. At this point I would say that it was likely ONE reason in each time, even though there were different "triggers".

The reason is that he felt threatened by the depth of MY version of LOVE. Because it's NOT just a word to me, then he saw how devoted, loyal and committed I was to these people, and he felt threatened.
He feared that my devotion, loyalty and commitment to them would overpower my devotion, loyalty and commitment to him.
So he tried to annihilate those relationships.

But in trying he found another difference between MY version of LOVE and others he had encountered.

For me LOVE really and truly DOES NOT END.
There is no point where I STOP loving someone.

It doesn't matter what happens, murder, rape, death, dismemberment, abandonment. I don't stop loving those I've started loving.

HOW I choose to SHOW them my love changes frequently based on
WHO we each are at any given moment in life AND
WHERE we each are at any given moment in life.

Because this world we live in is in a constant state of flux. By the time I finish writing and post this-the world around me will have changed more times than I can predict as I write this.

Also-we ourselves as individuals are in a constant state of flux. We are changing, from the smallest cells in our bodies right on up to the largest parts of those interconnected cells, we are in constant change.

Therefore how we choose to express our commitments has to be flexible enough that we can express our commitments appropriately as we are, for who we are to whom the person we are expressing it is in the world we are in and in the world they are in as well.

I won't allow a lover to tell me who I can love in my life.
Nor can I allow a lover to tell me how I show my love in my life.
I also won't allow a loved one to tell me who I can love in my life.
Nor will I allow a loved one to tell me how I show my love in my life.

There was never a risk of Maca being "less" or being "replaced".

For the same holds true that holds true for him that holds true for the others whom I've chosen actions and the lifestyle of love.

I will never stop loving him and I will always to seek to show him my love in the most beneficial and appropriate way based on who I am AND who he is as well as WHERE he is and WHERE I am in life.

I chose him and he's been loved by me for 20 years.
I chose him and we've raised our children for 11 years (we in March).
I chose him and we've been husband and wife for 10 years (11 in July).
I chose him-and once I choose to love, I NEVER STOP.
His place is secure, even if he decides he doesn't want it.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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