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maybe the reason there are so many unhappy unicorns out there is because they are typed and labeled unicorns. i hate that term. they are just people. so much pressure is put on them. just let them be and court them like you would anyone else.

i also did not mean to come across as saying that people are against D/s relationships. some may have misunderstood. i was trying to let the op know how my own D/s relationship has changed the poly world for me. it has been mostly bad. folks are more afraid of it then the fact that i love to share my heart and body with others.

now, it has become an important tool in how i work with my new possible 3rd.

he is more accepting of my husband and i. my husband is more comforatble knowing that the new guy understands and respects our choice. the new guy actualy told me he enjoys the fact that my husband is in control.

look around?

i have looked around. been on this site for years. i am aware of how many relationships have not worked. i have had a few myself and posted about them here.

reading about others is the best way to learn. it is also a good way to help me not feel so alone.
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