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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
What gets me, though, is my sense that Vix and I shouldn't both go off having fun at the same time, leaving the girls behind without a way of getting in contact with one of us or having one of us available in case of emergency.
I see. I think I misunderstood. Well, it doesn't matter what I think, but I half-agree with you. While I agree that it would be a little crazy to go away with no means of being in contact for emergencies, I think it's fine to leave them in the care of someone trustworthy while you and Vix are away on a grownups-only vacation or separately doing things for fun.

It also makes me sad that wouldn't feel comfy leaving them with good friends. Is that because you don't have friends you feel close enough to, or that you would rather not "impose?" My mother was a single mom and used to have my sister and I sleep over at friends' places if she wanted to go to a dance or event at Parents Without Partners. Hey, we loved sleeping on blankets on the living room floor and watching tv way later than we normally would! I remember when I was small, there was an emergency (my mother was hospitalized for a few weeks) and my sister and I were about 7 and 8. My grandmother lived with us but wasn't well enough to watch us, so stayed with the next door neighbors who were our good friends. They drove us to see my mother, made sure we ate dinner, etc. My mother didn't really have that many friends, and hated imposing on anyone (I was never even allowed to have dinner at any of my friends' houses because she felt I would be an imposition on their parents), but still, other neighbors pitched in to help us, out of concern. Kids being as resilient as they are, we rolled with it, and it was all fine.

Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
In this case, taking the girls with me to the music festival in the fall isn't really such a terrible compromise. There is a lot at the festival for people of all ages, so they really will have a great time.
Well, that's great!!!
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