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I almost got my G&T on the computer screen too!

I am in a poly relationship that has always been a poly relationship, my soon-to-be-wife was with her BF already when we had our first date and he knew of our date...

Anyhow, me and her BF are on good terms even though there is nothing romantic/sexual between us, and honestly I believe he has never really even thought there would be. But I admit that he is rare kind of straight guy, he actually closes the bedroom door if it we have forgotten to do so if we are having sex ... Not his thing as he puts it.
the truth is out there..... I only know my side of the story as I see it, it is not the full story or the final truth of things

Kay: tall, lesbian, polycurious?
A: my wife to be, bi, poly
O: her BF, straight, poly

to be continued?
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