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Yeah I am not really sure where the cheating and snooping link came in actually. My point about reading texts/emails/etc has nothing to do with someone checking up on a suspected cheat (though if anyone caught my post on another thread, someone I know did exactly that and got it wrong, plus she was totally inappropriate, unapologetic and very entitled about it all) but in those cases when it is a standard practice between Poly couples especially if the people involved with them are not implicitly aware that this is what they do...

Having been a victim of it myself I DO have an issue with it but the main problem was I did not realise I was essentially talking to an audience, once I was made aware of it, it was less of a problem but to be honest I still did not like it and will not be involved with people who did that again.

Again, this is not a cheaters situation and I don't have any strong opinion on that topic.

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