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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I would think that children can only benefit from seeing their parents have fun and pursue things they love just for the sheer sake of enjoying themselves. Most people I know who had parents that gave themselves permission to enjoy life, really appreciate that and treasure it. Yes, they need to know that the grown-ups in charge will take care of them, and of what needs to be done. But it's a good thing to also observe that being an adult isn't always about mundane, everyday responsibilities. Makes growing up a much more palatable goal, methinks.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I have no trouble doing things for the sake of having fun. I have gone off to music camp on my own, for example, and the girls have seen me pursue my interests in music all the time, which is certainly not a matter of grim duty! It serves no serious or professional purpose whatsoever.

The girls often come with us to events similar to the music festival I'd like to attend, where they have a lot of fun and they get see Vix and me - and lots of other (supposed) grown-ups - enjoying ourselves immensely.

What gets me, though, is my sense that Vix and I shouldn't both go off having fun at the same time, leaving the girls behind without a way of getting in contact with one of us or having one of us available in case of emergency. We don't have any other family in the area, and I'm not comfortable transferring these kinds of responsibilities to friends.

Vix thinks this is irrational. I honestly don't care what she thinks of it. This is my own sense of my responsibilities as a parent.

As the girls get older, I'll probably be more willing to consider leaving them behind. But, for now, I'm just not.

I just have to deal with the consequences of taking this particular stand.

In this case, taking the girls with me to the music festival in the fall isn't really such a terrible compromise. There is a lot at the festival for people of all ages, so they really will have a great time.

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