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Re (from loserville):
"The fury translated into wild mood swings with husband and he said he refused to discuss our relationship until I'd been to see a shrink about my moods so I went to the doctors for a referral."
What did the doctors say?

Re (from BoringGuy):
"I am not even interested in reading my partners' personal correspondence, although I have had almost unlimited opportunities to do so. It would bore the hell out of me. I'd rather come here and read about other people reading each other's messages. That's how boring it would be."
LOLOL ... that is just so wrong ... LOLOL

Especially coming from a boring guy, don't you like boring things?

Alright, butseriouslyfolks ... I reckon the government has more responsibility to respect privacy because it has so much power (such as to throw people in prison for life). If someone's conducting a secret affair by text (and the government's not involved) ... hmmm, that's a little more of a gray area.

@ loserville: Can you give us an update on your situation?
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