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Originally Posted by evad View Post
I'm sorry, but this makes me laugh.

So, what you're saying is either I break up with her (and break my heart) or it's possible down the road she'll break my heart. There's really no downside to stringing this out, as far as I can tell.
What's the point of coming here and asking for advice and then giving a response like "I'm sorry, but this makes me laugh" when someone takes the time to respond?

And let's be clear. I'm looking for communication advice.
Okay, so advice on communicating with a known liar--there's a book out there called When Your Lover is a Liar. There are several similar books on how to communicate with known liars. There are many websites that give similar advice. I read a whole bunch of them when I finally understood that my (now ex-) husband is a liar. I guess they have good advice on recognizing the signs that someone is lying to you. But I finally woke up one day, looked at this pile of books and web sites and all the pretzels I was twisting myself into trying to figure out when I was getting the truth, and realized it was ridiculous to live that way when I didn't have to. Hence the ex part.

If you'd like to stay in a relationship with her, however, maybe those books will have the communication advice you're seeking.

I really think you need to consider the question others have asked: what makes you so special that you believe she'll always be honest with you when she's lying to everyone else?

What's the deal with losing motivation for extra relationships when your kids get older? Is this girlfriend just a stress reliever during the hard years of parenting?
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