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Wow! Look at all this action.

I went on vacation for a week. We had some family time throughout (man and oso's).

Malfunktions, I don't see mono equating with jealousy. I like having one partner because I like doting on one person. Although, this relationship has helped me to see how someone can be totally present individually with many partners.

At this point, I might shift this thread to a blog.

I was on vacation this week and we had a lot of family time. On Monday, we went out together for happy hour. On Wednesday the man and I had an alone night. Thursday, his "primary" joined us at the beach. We spent Friday and most of today altogether with his other OSO.

I love the family aspect of this relationship.

I find that I do want to feel special. In my mind that is equated with just the two of us. He needs all of us though. We enhance his life and we all enhance each others lives. There are kinks to work out, but we are moving forward together.
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