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To be honest with you, I never thought of the idea of her wanting to be with me and not him. Maybe thats why it is good I joined the forum. Im not sure how I would be.. Real good food for thought but also like you said until we meet her, we will never know what it is that she wants.
He and I have discussed, what if she wants children, how would we handle it. We have our kids. He says he is done and I think our door should stay open, only because if we love her then i think it would be important to consider her needs....So many different questions have ran through our minds on how we would react to different scenerio's but I guess until we are there we will never know.
I just hope everyone on here understands that we are not looking for someone to just fufill our wants and needs we are two people with enough love and room in our lives to support someone elses wants and needs also.
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