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I stand by what I said too. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am not going to sugar coat things for you.

I am currently sitting back and watching the triad in the center of my husbands tribe collapse upon itself right now. A married couple brought in an elusive unicorn well low and behold it is not ending well. They are go with the flow people too. Yeah that bit them in the arse. Now there is an unplanned pregnancy due to birth control failure. The unicorn has evolved into a cowgirl and the tribe (a bsdm social group) is stuck choosing sides. I am vanilla as the day is long so I have no involvement with the group other than in friendly passing.

Go to the relationship issue section of this forum and do some reading. Read of the heart breaks from triad issues. I have known a few to work but for every one of those there is 5 more that ended badly.

I am personally in vee relationship with myself as a hinge. I will be the first one to give you the dirty not so nice parts of my lifestyle. I have two men whose needs, time, expectations, and desires I have to take into consideration. It is a lot of work. I haven't even gotten into the social aspects. Society isn't exactly isn't very open minded. It is not an easy path to walk.

One thing I appreciate about this forum is the fact people will call you onto the carpet. Trust me I got it when I discussed my discomfort with my husbands heteroflexibilty. You know what I appreciate the comments now.
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