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Default Marvin's Story- Zepplin, Nina Simone & Linkin Park

Led Zepplin, Nina Simone, and Linkin Park
Marvin's story- First off, I am using the musical references that I feel describe each of us out of respect for our families who don't know and wouldn't understand our situation.
Linkin Park is me- kinda young, fast paced, and energetic with a little bit of an undertone of angry.
Nina Simone is one wife- gritty, full of raw love and emotion while sweet and oh so sexy.
Led Zepplin is one wife- rock and roll and sex appeal, wrapped up in a package that transcends traditional stereotypical (mis)conception.
I met Nina and Led Zepplin long ago doing what I did best then- playing pool, foosball, and partying. I was immediately taken with Nina- absolutely breathtaking. She was the epitome of the girl that was way out of my league- smart, funny, and drop dead gorgeous.
Led Zepplin and I forged a friendship over coffee every morning on my way to work- she was just like me but with different hardware. Our backgrounds are similar as was our interests- she was kind of a tomboy- in to fast cars and shooting pool. Nina and Led Zepplin were close friends and I got along great with them. I must admit here that I did look for any and every opportunity to spend a minute or two with Nina- I mean I could hang out, talk and laugh with my dream girl- I was infatuated quite honestly.
My hand was crushed in an accident, leaving me in a cast for nearly a year. Nina needed new brakes on her car and I donned my cape and came to the rescue- one handed. That evening Nina kissed me, oh so briefly, standing in her garage and I nearly fainted- seriously I sat straight down when she walked away. A month or so later, Nina and I were lounging around sharing a laugh and she let me in on a little secret- she and Led Zepplin were a couple- what the.... In my incredibly narrow minded reality at the time I had only heard of female, bi or lesbian if you will, couples, never had I encountered one, let alone KNEW ONE! Alas, she was in fact out of my league. But for the next 11 or so years we remained great friends; Led Zepplin and I having coffee and talking about pool, big block Chevys, and fishing and Nina and I sharing our friendship as it was- they were the people I could take my problems to- any problems without fear of judgement.
During this time I was married, monogamously, to the mother of my two children. They supported me (and my wife at the time) through multiple major surgeries that my newborn son had- gave me strength and support when I brought them the problems that I could take to no one else. My marriage did not last, as I was quite selfish and immature, she took it upon herself to find what she needed elsewhere (some call it cheating), and I looked for what I needed in the bottom of beer cans and liquor bottles.
On my own now, I dove head first into work and at a trade show, while setting up a display booth, who should walk past but Nina. She took one look and said "You've grown up a little (she later told me she always sort of saw me as a little brother- go figure). Do you want to go get something to eat after the show?" Absolutely... She, Led Zepplin and I went out for dinner that very night. This is when they introduced me to what they had termed "the boyfriend plan" and asked if I would like to have my application considered- HELL YES! And move it to the top of the list....
Hence began the most incredible relationship I have ever had...
To be continued...
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