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I am back in the UK. What is the first thing I hear when I step into the car? There was an overshot or sort of plane crash in Denpasar. In some bizarre turn of events, the pilot ended up landing on water as opposed to the runway. Fortunately, the passengers and crew escaped with minor injuries. This was mere hours after we all left. Our flight to Changi left a bit after 9. This happened around 3 or so. I cannot imagine how daunting that was. They landed on the water and avoided major damage. From what I have read, the airline acquired the jet on 28 March. I am happy that everyone is okay. Shaken up but alive.

I am heading home. I have not seen my little duckies since Wednesday night before I left. Hubby and I have a date night. I slept most of the 13 hours, so I am actually quite full of energy. I am curious as to what the night holds.

Si and I were on different flights and with different airlines. Our first flight was the same. She returned with Virgin. It is due to arrive sometime soon. I flew back on Singapore Airlines. We have to take it day by day. I cannot even say what will happen in two hours. I am happy that we talked and eased the tension. When it is all said and done, we will be okay. Even if I we choose not to be romantically involved again, she will always be important to me. She understands that I am working on myself and rebuilding again. I did not sense any anger from her. There was compassion. I am hopeful. We have to get back into the swing of talking again and initiating conversations. I cannot say it will be an every day thing, but checking in to say, "Hey. I am okay and alive," would be nice. It is going to take a bit of patience and commitment. We are working on our friendship right now. If we are meant to be, then no amount of time should matter.

All in all, we are all learning things. I am not pushing Matt and Si to talk. It will happen when it will happen. We are working on different things, but all the pieces will fit together. I am trying to remain positive. It is much easier to breathe now that the tension is less from multiple angles. Matt has hard limits. Si has limits. I am figuring out my limits. No need to rush. We are going to take our time and get it right.

I am almost home, and I cannot wait to hug my little duckies and see just how much damage Matt has let them do. I am excited to do the bedtime rituals with my little duckies. I missed them quite terribly.


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