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I went on this forum because my husband and I were interested in possibly finding "a third". I had no idea that I would run into judgemental people.
Yes I am a submissive and anyone who knows anything about being a submissive knows it does not make me a doormat or his "pet". nor does it make me stupid. We have the relationship we have because that is works for us. We are in hope of possibly finding another person that would be just as happy with us. Not someone to own or a new "pet"
someone with feeling and hopes and dreams and just like he and I do for each other we are in hope of supporting her in these things also. We dont want to just find someone to have a quick roll in the hay with. We would like to date her, be her friend and offer our love, friendship and support in any way we can.
Maybe my relationship isnt what anyone else would want but it works for us. I came to this forum for advice to make sure I was not "dragging" someone into my relationship with unrelaistic hopes.
Thought this was the one place we would not be judged!!
Take care!!
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