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I have to appologise because I haven't read everyone's posts on this thread. But since it asked about my ideal I figured I didn't have to read the whole thing (I promise I will go back and read everyone's comments).

I'd love to have a commune type set up where everyone loves and supports each other with the option of having sexual relationships to happen between the members of the commune. I find that the people that I love deeply are not always the ones I am sexual with. But it doesn't suck to leave the option open .

We would need a much bigger house to make something like that happen though as I imagine being able to get away from the group for some alone time could get challenging unless you have a lot of space.

In my ideal commune in my head all the adult members of the household are free to chose whatever role suits them best, be it a home making role or a workforce role. There would be an understanding that the income coming into the house would be for the good of everyone living there and that non-paid work was just as valuable to the upkeep of the household. If there are activities that the family group memebers wanted to take part in (sports and the like) there would always be someone at home to care for the children. It would be important that all members of the group be able to participate in any activities that were important to them.

I'm not sure how dates would work or how sleeping arrangements would work themselves out. I guess all that would depend on the dynamics of the group. I'm not even sure how many people would make up my ideal group but my gut instinct is 6-8 (along with any kids).

(that got a little more verbose than I had intended)
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